Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme and Workplace Charge Scheme

Why choose Electrovirium?

  • We are OLEV approved and can help make sure your grant application is successful.
  • Electrovirium carry a large stock of EV chargers so you won’t have to wait too long.

OLEV EVHS £500 (Home Charge) Grant Application Form

After downloading EVHS guidance and Annex D  – Please refer to Annex D, ✓ and provide your evidence as detailed in section 2.

  • If car is registered privately: ✓ Box and provide copy of either V5C or Order Confirmation or Other Proof Of Purchase.
  • If the car is leased privately: ✓ relevant Box and provide a copy of any of the contract documents listed.
  • Please (if applicable) Tick ALL Boxes Section 4 – Note: (pg 28) In particular – Please tick the first box, (if I have posession….) which can confuse people to leave blank or write N/A – OLEV require this box to be ticked.
  • Please complete Part A – print, hand-sign (by the primary user of car) scan (together with your supporting document) and email to electrovirium@gmail.com
PLEASE NOTE: We need to receive your correctly completed application – Part A and supporting Document in order to arrange your installation date.

OLEV £500 EVHS (Home Charge Scheme) Eligibilty Checklist:

✓ You have private or designated off-street parking.
✓ Your plug-in car must be purchased after April 2015.
✓ You have not made a previous grant-claim for your vehicle.
✓ You cannot exceed the allowed limit of two OLEV grant-funded chargepoints (one each), per-vehicle-per-home.

Company Cars

If the car is registered or leased in a company name then the PART A (if applicable) ANNEX i TEMPLATE LETTER requires completing – as your required evidence – on company letterhead as detailed at the top of the ANNEX i TEMPLATE LETTER PDF.

  • Annex i – Print, hand-sign (by a senior company representative or lease/fleet manager) and email (together with completed / signed Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme Installation Form) to electrovirium@gmail.com
  • EVHS Documentation is required to be completed and hand-signed/returned to us for your Home Charge £500 contribution and enable us to arrange your installation date.
  • All attached documents must reference the primary user’s name, address and vehicle make and model.


Did you know? …
Electrovirium can now obtain 75% or up to £500 off – per socket – up to 20 sockets – worth £10,000 off the supply and installation of workplace chargers.

Interested? Please apply online for the WCS voucher code using the button provided.

Businesses apply for a voucher code, which is subsequently redeemed by Electrovirium as the OLEV WCS-Approved Service provider and is deducted from the total costs.

Companies can now submit multiple voucher applications subsequent to their first application until they reach their limit of available sockets (which will remain 20 sockets per company). This will give businesses the flexibility to re-apply for new charge points after having experienced the advantages that charging at work enables.