Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting

Fire Alarms

Are you opening a commercial business, renting out a property or just always forgetting to turn the oven off!

A Fire Alarm System is paramount and in most cases the law and this will give an early warning system to help keep your family, employees and property safe from danger.

All systems will be installed to BS5389 and any alterations will follow these regulations.

  • Conventional Systems
  • Addressable systems
  • Networked
  • Domestic mains/battery powered optical and ionisation smoke detection

Emergency Lighting

If there is an emergency situation then emergency lighting is there to ensure everyone can exit the building safely. Also to assist the emergency services in finding their way around when power is lost the emergency lighting will operate automatically.

Electro Virium Group will design, provide and install an effective system to BS 5266 for business or property.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit to your property to discuss the best system for you and give you a free estimate.